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Mix “Living Proof” with “A Tradition of Service” and the result will be either a paradox or a Deputy Sheriff.

The Jimmie Richard Henry Award, which began in 2007 , is awarded annually to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles pulmonary fellow who demonstrates commitment to respiratory health and well-being through selfless acts.


About the Hero

If it’s Deputy Jimmie Henry, you will get a man stronger than the most fictitious superhero anyone could image. Paradoxically, this has happened in 1984, a courageous man who lived years beyond expectation, served Los Angeles County residents with distinction, and now inspires research in pediatric pulmonology.

On Tuesday, June 19, 1984 Deputy Jimmie Henry, a resident deputy assigned to Catalina Island responded to a military plane crash. He and two other deputies traversed the dangerous cliffs and fires in an attempt to rescue the pilot. As a result of being exposed to the burning fuel and carcinogens, the three deputies developed pulmonary fibrosis which causes scar tissue to build up in the lungs.

Deputy Henry was forced to medically retire in 1984 but his fight for a normal life continued. His son David Henry, who sits among you today, shared with us how much his father valued time, life, and family. He spent every waking moment making life enjoyable for his wife, son, and the public he served.

Deputy Henry gave more of himself than most would give. In an environment where he could have looked out for himself, he had the predetermined mindset to look out for others. His commitment to the law enforcement profession meant he was strong, but it was what he did with his profession that made him even stronger.

To the award recipient we want to say, part of the essence of Deputy Henry’s courage and willingness to enrich the lives of others is to be found here – In the difference of serving one’s self, and devoting your life’s work to mankind’s well-being. “A strong man stands up for himself, but a stronger man stands up for others.”