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Indonesia Earthquake Rescue

The Disaster Relief Effort

Whether it be wildfires, floods, or hurricanes, the road to recovery is long and there are many ways you can help. Help the thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by natural and man-made disasters.

In terms of human impacts of disasters, the kinds of impacts we can expect when a major disaster occurs are both physical and psychological. There are the obvious impacts like physical damage to the body. People get injured, or worse, die. But there are other factors like stress, which can lead to depression and other health related conditions. Perhaps most concerning is the psychological and emotional impact. According to the National Disaster Recovery Framework, a successful recovery process includes addressing the psychological and emotional needs of the community.

The process includes providing counseling, support, screening, and treatment of effected individuals when needed. We should expect people to be in shock, stressed, and in need of support and mental health treatment. Addressing mental health issues during a disaster is a challenge to law enforcement and other first responders. So it is critical to consider providing relief for short term and long term mental health treatment.