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When D’Andre Lampkin started this organization, he had you in mind. He knew that building stronger, more resilient communities requires teamwork. No community is a success on its own – It takes dedicated individuals like you – community leaders, stakeholders, and connections with business leaders sharing ideas to move communities forward.

We're building a stronger future together - Let's record how we did it.

Communities thrive when people like you collaborate to tackle some of the biggest issues facing our neighborhoods. None of what we have accomplished would have been possible without you. Our donors, supporters, and volunteers are the true heart of what we do.

Now, we want to hear directly from you. Following the 2 year anniversary of the founding of the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation, we began collecting video, voice, and written testimonials to tell a much fuller story of what our supporters are doing to help make your communities stronger and more resilient. We wanted to give visitors to our website a more detailed picture of how the Foundation is inspiring others throughout the nation and around the world. All photos, videos, testimonials, and recordings seen below were submitted directly to the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation by D’Andre D. Lampkin program supporters and participants. Some depicted may only be excerpts of longer submissions sent to us by mail or electronically. As we continue to collect submissions, we encourage you to share your stories in whatever format best illustrates your efforts.

Courtney O'Steen

Through pageantry, she has found she is able to expand volunteering her time to youth and was able to work on Justin Rudd’s Community Action Team serving at the monthly 30-Minute Beach Clean-up, Operation Santa Paws, Both the Youth & Adult Spelling Bees, Long Beach Losers Weight Loss Contest, The Annual Bulldog Beauty Contest, Long Beach Polar Splash, Valentines Day at the Mental Health Village, The Annual Interfaith Blessing of the Animals and many other events. Courtney and her mother Jana were bullied and abused at their home by Courtney’s own father, and then at school, the bullying continued with her peers. She decided to make her life a story for others to learn, grow and heal their spirits. In addition, she continued to grow her program B.U.L.L.Y. and more than double the number of students she spoke to in 2012 from 2011.

Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee is a Junior at Chino Hills High School. In his video titled, “Life Reset”, he discusses his project designed to provide resources to students who were under emotional distress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most notable was Thomas Lee’s ability to illustrate how he was able to encourage members of his community to become more engaged to address some of the biggest challenges facing our nation. He founded his own non-profit to bring awareness to the plight of refugees around the world.

Jordan McCrary

Jordan McCrary is a scholar, athlete, and senior attending Charles R. Drew Charter School. Among many other achievements, Jordan is a published author. In 2019, she published her first book titled, “I Saw You Planting Roses.” Jordan illustrated the importance of learning to work with others by garnering support for a hygiene pantry for sheltered women. She used the experience as an opportunity to understand the challenges women were facing in her community. Jordan has a passion for helping others and plans to start a career focused on servant leadership.

JaMyia McNeil

Tuskegee, Alabama

As a social worker, I want to be able to provide direct service to veterans and their families, facilitate supportive and psycho-education group sessions, participate in treatment planning, and complete documentation.

Michelle Rodriguez

Phoenix, Arizona

This is what inspired me to major in Biomedical Engineer because I want to help those who are like me who can’t see from one eye or two. I want to find cures to diseases and help people see or walk or wave their arms in the air.

MaryJane Carreno

La Mirada, California

One way I’ve helped by community become stronger and more resilient is by constantly doing volunteer work. One particular event was participating in my local food bank.

Thomas Munoz

Ontario, California

In the Fall of 2014, I decided to provide my students and any other student the opportunity to sing in an evening performance in our multipurpose room.

Sadie McAliney

Durango, Colorado

By choosing Biomedical Engineering as my field of study I will be at the forefront of improvements in the medical field and will help create a better world where people live longer and healthier lives.

Jacinda Cisneros

Apple Valley, California

We stay after school and aid all injuried players during sports. I also help in the community with coaching/training little kids in the football team of Semionles, 4 days a week for practice, and 1 day of the game.

Layla Tejada

San Antonio, Texas

In the summer, I like to volunteer with organizations such as Boysville and Meals on Wheels. Other than volunteering, I work 30 hours a week during the school year, and about 40 during the summer.

Avery Alderman

Windermere, Florida

I hope that the D’ Andre D. Lampkin Foundation sees the whole person and focuses on the number of lives I can touch by achieving my goal of being a special needs teacher. My personal passion is to help others through education; the way I have been mentored by my teachers and counselors throughout the years.

Elaine Kan

Glendale, California

I used my social media platform to teach girls how to love themselves and increase their confidence through what they wear. My Instagram developed into a community of girls supporting and uplifting one another.

Taren Daniels

Lexington, South Carolina

Through volunteering with the Junior Missionaries and Young People Organization at my church, starting a club whose mission is to inspire hope in those who are terminally ill, and being an active member in the students in action club who works to bring social good in the community I believe that I am setting the foundation to make a difference.

Blayn Masoner

Castle Rock, Colorado

As a result of my experience in Girl Scouts I have worked towards decreasing my footprint on the world my entire life and I plan to continue to do so.

Mattie Nall

Acworth, Georgia

I take part in an organization called Project To Love Ourselves. This is a non-profit organization that is all about writing letters to girls all around the world who need advice. I have written dozens of letters and I like to believe that these letters have helped at least one girl who needed it.

Sloan Enstad

San Antonio, Texas

“Water is Life,” my MFC project was born. My goal was to not only increase the consumption of water but the easy access to it for the on-the-go high schooler. After two years of presentations and networking, Brandeis was rewarded with $3,000. We identified a vendor to supply five of these stations.

Vidhiben Patel

Charlotte, North Carolina

My parents taught me to live with gratitude which is something I strive to always do. Showing my gratefulness for life through saving others lives seems to be the best way to stay true to my parents.

Allison Greene

Walnut, California

I volunteered at Walnut Elementary School as a teacher’s aide in order to further explore my desire to become a special education teacher. The experience taught me so many tips and tricks to teaching and I am grateful for the my mentors inspirational enthusiasm and hard working tendencies.

Steven Henderson

San Bernardino, California

I had the opportunity to come help out the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation with my mom and clean up and lay chips in your local garden. I enjoyed this because I got to try real strawberries see mint, grape vines and lots more.

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