In-Person Event FAQ

COVID-19 Precautions FAQ:

Will the event be held in person?

Yes! We’re looking forward to being together in person again and are making informed decisions regarding safety based on San Bernardino County mandates and guidance from the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. We’re monitoring the course of the pandemic very closely and will inform Lampkin Foundation supporters in the event that we need to make any changes to our in-person plans.

Will proof of vaccination be required?

NO. However, the Lampkin Foundation believes vaccinations are a means of reducing the impact of COVID-19, so we are encouraging all attendees to voluntarily share vaccination status when joining an in-person event. Masks are always available at our events. If you need one, simply ask and one will be provided to you. Temperature screening will take place upon entering indoor spaces. If you feel sick, stay home! Be kind and respectful to everyone around you.

Will social distancing be possible?

Yes! Especially for indoor activities. Our healthcare workers at Care Staffing Professionals have been incredibly helpful in working with us to provide ample space and ventilation of air for guests. Guests will be able to mingle across the entire space, which is reserved exclusively for the event. If you feel sick, stay home! Be kind and respectful to everyone around you.

Will masks be required?

No. It’s your choice! Especially, while walking about the indoor portions of a venue. While some of our events do take place outdoors, restrooms are located in other areas of the venue frequented by various guests. Mask are always available to anyone who wants one. Please keep in mind, state and county mandates may change this requirement. Please act accordingly. If you feel sick, stay home! Be kind and respectful to everyone around you.

What precautions are there around the food?

On occasion, food is made available to guests. All Appetizers will be served as individual servings, including the charcuterie. Who doesn’t love a good grazing table? There will be no need for sharing serving spoons or tongs. We are asking guests to only visit other tables where people are eating with an invitation to do so. If your group would prefer to keep more to yourselves, you can do that as well. In instances where food is served, the wait staff will be wearing masks for the entire service. Salads will be pre-set and, at events where alcohol is served, the wine will only be poured by the sommelier.

What if I don’t feel comfortable being there in person?

No problem! We understand your reluctance and still appreciate your support. Although we will sorely miss you, we’re happy to be able to accommodate all levels of comfort with in-person gatherings.

If you have any additional questions about the safety precautions we’re taking at our indoor events, please contact us by email at

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