I was honored to be invited for a weekend trip where I was able to spend some time with D’ Andre. I learned about his own journey and I went to visit the foundation office. I also learned about all of the wonderful work that the organization has accomplished. I really enjoyed getting to know the people behind the scenes and hearing their stories of how they work together to accomplish their goals and what inspires them to do the work.

The vibe is infectious and inspiring at the D”Andre Lampkin foundation! Everyone I met had a personal story and connection to Mr. Lampkin that echoed a common thread of leveling up in all ways. I also learned how they have collaborated to accomplish their goals and how they work brining the community together to be a real force of change.

You really get a sense that this is an environment where people thrive and that is precious and rare but it just shows you that it is possible because these guys do it so well.

I proudly support this organization and I hope others will too.

Carlos Gallegos, Supporter

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