2018 Social Good Scholarship Winners

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Meet Our 2018 Winners

Since February 2017, the Lampkin Foundation grants scholarship awards, in addition to connecting students with service opportunities from all over the nation. How do we define “social good?” It’s simply how we help others in a way that benefits the largest number of people in the largest way possible. The Lampkin Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Social Good scholarships.


$500 Scholarship Winner

Glendale, California Elaine Kan

Service In the Community

  • Director of Growth and Revival of Southern California Junior State of America
  • Cashier and Trainer at Chop Stop Glendale
  • Confucius School Chinese Class President
  • Campaign Manager for Southern California Junior State of America

Social Good Highlights

Elaine Kan gained a notable following on Instagram this past year due to her fashion. She uses her platform to teach her younger followers how to love themselves and increase their confidence through what they wear. Elaine’s Instagram has developed into a community of young girls who support and lift each other up in dialogue. She wishes to expand on her mission – to transcend her capacity as a role model by designing what she calls “social armor” for others. Elaine has learned that fashion is an art which she can bend to illustrate an idea or communicate a message. She believes she has the power to create wearable art that makes a statement – whether emotional, political, or social. Elaine has plans to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to continue creating “social armor” and foster discussions around self worth.

$250 Scholarship Winners

South Bend, Indiana Sarina McCabe

Sarina McCabe

Service In the Community

  • Author, “The Devil in Amen’s Corner”
  • Diversity Council
  • ISACS accreditation team for Equity, Inclusion,
    and Justice

Social Good Highlights

Sabrina “Adeline” McCabe is a published author. In April 2016 sales began of her book titled, ‘The Devil in Amen’s Corner’. The novel addresses the issue of race, disparities in education, and sexual assault. Sabrina uses the book as a tool for discussion about social stigmas and literary and empowerment workshops across the state of Indiana. She is determined to empower others to become more active in their community and strives to prevent children and young adults from feeling as though their voices have been stolen. Sarina also helped to found a Gay Straight Alliance at her school campus that focuses on social activism and educational meetings. Her groups leads letter writing campaigns to U.S. embassies to raise awareness of the persecution LGBTQ youth in countries where identifying oneself as gay is punishable by death. Sarina plans to pursue a degree in journalism and launch a publishing company.

Walnut, California Allison Greene

Allison Greene hosting Best Buddies Dance

Service In the Community

  • Best Buddies (a club that creates friendships between students with
    developmental disabilities and those without)
  • Senior tech ( a club that goes to the senior center after school on wednesdays
    and helps seniors with their technology)
  • Chick fil a leadership academy (a club that hosts service projects)

Social Good Highlights

Allison reminds us that there are people in the world who wake up everyday and made to feel excluded from the rest of society. People with special needs are far too often not exerted to their fullest potential and sometimes segregated due to their uncontrollable differences. Allison chooses to work with people with special needs because they deserve to be included in communities plans to make everyone more successful. When it comes to how society identifies who is characterized as a successful person, Allison has a passion to share her vision of including those with special needs and seeing them integrated seamlessly into society. Allison plans to pursue a degree in special education and return to her community to become an educator specialized in K-12 Special Education.

Honorable Finalist

Apple Valley, California Jacinda Cisneros

Service In the Community

  • Sports Medicine class- 90 hours of community service per year
  • Community Softball Team, Varsity

Social Good Highlights

Jacinda has plans to become the first in her family to earn a college degree. More importantly, she has aspirations to become a Healthcare Hero She is currently preparing herself to become a registered nurse by participating in Sports Medicine course at her local high school. For the past 2 years, Jacinda has become a resource during after-school sports games by providing aid to injured players. She also helps coach junior athletic teams 4 days a week. Jacinda enjoys helping families keep their children engaged in sports activities. It is what lead her to wanting to specialize as a nurse working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Jacinda has plans to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Montana State University.

Windermere, Florida Avery Hope Alderman

Service In the Community

  • Mission Trip to Mission Emmanuel, Dominican Republic
  • Volunteered at Matthew’s Hope to collect clothing and toiletries for the homeless
    around West Orange County Florida
  • Volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Math and English Tutor

Social Good Highlights

Avery refuses to be defined by a number. Despite her scholastic achievements, she reminds us that the sum of achieved or perceived numbers is not an indication of future success or the level at which one will contribute to society. Avery has a strong desire to help others through joining the nations community of educators. She strongly believes in the power of education and hopes to one day earn a degree in Special Education. Because of her own personal struggles, Avery is keenly aware of the challenges and stigmas attached to students with special needs. But her struggles did not stop her from reaching the top of her class. She pushed herself academically by taking 9 AP courses and countless College Board exams. She has a strong, profound message and is determined to show the world that her condition does not have to be an obstacle to achieve academic success.

Upcoming Deadlines

Scholarship application open:
November 8, 2017 12:00 AM, PST

Scholarship application deadline:
February 15, 2018 12:00 AM, PST


JaMiya at Fisk University
Layla Tejada volunteer activity
Allison Greene accepting Kiwanis Club Award
Taren Daniels volunteering at Senior Center
Sadie McAliney Fire Wood Delivery
Angi Morrison Coaching Junior Cheer Leaders
Katelyn Photopolous Dancing at Fundraiser
Michelle Rodriguez Veterans Animal Clinic