Meet Our 2021 Lampkin Foundation Social Good Scholars

Each year, the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation awards up to $2,000 in scholarships to high school seniors and juniors who intend to continue their education through an undergraduate degree program or certification from an accredited college, university, or technical school. This is the fourth year the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation has issued scholarship awards to students who personify the Foundation’s mission. Awards and Scholarships are made possible for the Social Good Scholarship Fund through the generosity and support of many individuals, associations, and businesses who support the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation.

After reviewing all of this year’s applications, the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation selected three scholarship awards winners.

Every year the Social Good Scholarship Fund Committee members inevitably say they wonder if they themselves are doing enough to make their community stronger and more resilient in comparison to what these young men and women are doing. The applicants are a source of inspiration and really impact people of all ages and backgrounds. They should be applauded for their efforts and for stepping in where we adults lack imagination.

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Tywanna L Hill

Tywanna L. Hill

The Social Good Scholarship Chair is tasked with leading the discussions that will help the Foundation determine award eligibility. The Scholarship Chair recruits and selects members from the community to join the committee that determines award winners.

Tywanna L. Hill is am the owner and operator of T. L. Hill Professional, Inc., doing business as HillTop HR Consulting. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University Pomona, along with an SHRM-SCP certification in Human Resources and PMP certification in Project Managing. Tywanna has over 25 years in customer service and nearly seven years in human resources and project managing.

Tywanna’s goal is to provide her experience and make an impact by implementing beneficial programs. Her passion is to meet the needs of the communities she serves. With these goals in mind, Tywanna believes the Lampkin Foundation is providing her with an opportunity to bring positive change and empower individuals through advocacy and compassion. 

Chino Hills High School - Chino Hills, California Thomas Lee

The recipient of the Social Good Scholarship Fund’s $1000 award is Thomas Lee of Chino Hills, California. Thomas Lee is a Junior at Chino Hills High School. In his video titled, “Life Reset”, he discusses his project designed to provide resources to students who were under emotional distress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most notable was Thomas Lee’s ability to illustrate how he was able to encourage members of his community to become more engaged to address some of the biggest challenges facing our nation. He founded his own non-profit to bring awareness to the plight of refugees around the world.

Charleston County School of the Arts - North Charleston, South Carolina Vigi LeBlanc

The recipient of the Social Good Scholarship Fund’s $500 award is Vigi LeBlanc. Vigi LeBlanc is a scholar, program leader, and senior at Charleston County School of the Arts. Charleston County School of the Arts is a public magnet school located in North Charleston, South Carolina, and is considered part of the Charleston County School District. Vigi serves as President of the Stylez Program. The mission of the Stylez Program is to inspire youth and instill a passion for creativity and expression through art. Vigi sought buy-in from local community members and asked local artists of color to showcase their work for students so that they may see representations of themselves in the performing arts.

Charles R. Drew Charter School - Atlanta, Georgia Jordan McCrary

The recipient of the Social Good Scholarship Fund’s $500 award is jordan McCrary. Jordan McCrary is a scholar, athlete, and senior attending Charles R. Drew Charter School. Among many other achievements, Jordan is a published author. In 2019, she published her first book titled, “I Saw You Planting Roses.” Jordan illustrated the importance of learning to work with others by garnering support for a hygiene pantry for sheltered women. She used the experience as an opportunity to understand the challenges women were facing in her community. Jordan has a passion for helping others and plans to start a career focused on servant leadership.

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Since February 2017, the Lampkin Foundation grants scholarship awards, in addition to connecting students with service opportunities from all over the nation. How do we define “social good?” It’s simply how we help others in a way that benefits the largest number of people in the largest way possible.

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Each year, the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation awards up to $2,000 in scholarships to students who personify the Foundation’s mission. The mission of the D’Andre D. Lampkin Foundation is to create positive opportunities and change for individuals, communities, and environments.

Our goal is to sponsor and create programs and initiatives that lead to the development of stronger communities and positively impact individuals wanting to lead happier and healthier lives.

We have a vision for communities that are strong, fully engaged, and resilient; where all stakeholders are self-reliant and fully supported by sustainable ingenuity and grassroots efforts.