D’Andre Lampkin Talks to KFI AM 640 About His Help in the Community Through His Foundation

D’Andre Lampkin Talks to KFI AM 640 About His Help in the Community Through His Foundation

D’Andre Lampkin Talks to KFI AM 640 About His Help in the Community Through His Foundation 1024 576 Stories That Build
KFI 640 AM Tawala Sharp

Recently, Founder and Board Chair, D’Andre Lampkin, had the opportunity to speak to KFI AM 640 talk radio host Tawala Sharp about the work of the D’Andre D Lampkin Foundation, the help he provides to the community, and his experiences as an American law enforcement professional.

During the interview, Lampkin spoke about the mission of the D’Andre D Lampkin Foundation which aims to create positive opportunities and change for individuals, communities, and environments. The foundation has a vision for communities that are strong, fully engaged, and resilient, where all stakeholders are self-reliant and fully supported by sustainable ingenuity and grassroots efforts.

Lampkin also spoke about his experiences as an American law enforcement professional and the challenges he faced. D’Andre Lampkin, a native of South Los Angeles, witnessed the devastating 1992 Los Angeles riots firsthand. The chaos and destruction he saw in his community left a deep impression on him. The experience inspired him to take action and make a positive difference. Lampkin knew that joining law enforcement would allow him to serve his community and help improve the image of law enforcement. He decided to join the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where he could work towards improving community relations and promoting peace. Through his dedication and hard work, Lampkin has become a respected member of the department earning the distinction of California Law Enforcement Officer of the Year from the American Legion, and a shining example of how one person can make a difference.

He highlighted the importance of community engagement and building trust between law enforcement and the community. Lampkin believes that by working together, law enforcement and the community can create safer and stronger neighborhoods.

In addition, Lampkin discussed the help he provides to the community through his foundation such as providing scholarships, hosting events and spearheading initiatives that promote collaboration and civic engagement. He emphasized the importance of giving back and creating opportunities for those who need it most.

Overall, the interview was a great opportunity for D’Andre Lampkin to share his story, the work of his foundation, and the positive impact it has on the community. It is inspiring to see individuals like Lampkin who not only serve as civil servants but are dedicated to making a difference and creating positive change in their communities. Take a listen to his story.

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