A Mother’s Day we are not accustom to

A Mother’s Day we are not accustom to

A Mother’s Day we are not accustom to 750 499 Stories That Build
Gold Star Mother's Day

As we approach the last Sunday of September, I wanted to take a moment to honor and acknowledge the significance of Gold Star Mother’s Day in the United States. This day serves as a solemn reminder of the sacrifices made by those who have lost a son or daughter while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

During my recent trip to the California State Capitol for the League of California Cities, I had the privilege of visiting the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where I had a memorable encounter with retired U.S. Airforce member Richard Braxton Sr. It was a conversation that profoundly impacted my understanding of the true cost of freedom and the unwavering dedication of our brave servicemen and women.

Richard Braxton Sr. shared with me his own experiences and the stories of countless fellow soldiers, impressing upon me the hardships they endured to secure and maintain the freedoms we often take for granted. It was during this conversation that he emphasized the heartbreaking reality that many mothers did not have the opportunity to see their beloved children again after they left for war.

In light of this, Gold Star Mother’s Day stands as a poignant tribute to these brave mothers who have lost their children, reminding us of their immeasurable sacrifice and the indescribable pain they bear. It is a day for us to come together as a nation, irrespective of our differences, and express our genuine gratitude, respect, and support to these resilient women.

On this occasion, I urge you, as subscribers of this esteemed community, to reflect upon the sacrifices mothers make to preserve our independence as a country. Let us not forget that behind every fallen soldier, there is a grieving mother whose strength and resilience deserve our unwavering admiration. Their selflessness and dedication to our nation should serve as inspiration to us all.

Whether it be through a kind gesture, a heartfelt conversation, or simply taking a moment to remember those who have perished in service to our country, let us honor these remarkable Gold Star Mothers and ensure that their children’s legacies are never forgotten.

May we, as a nation, continue to uphold the values and principles that our fallen heroes fought so bravely to defend. And may we always remember the immeasurable sacrifices made by Gold Star Mothers as we strive to build a better world for future generations.

Thank you for your attention and consideration on this Gold Star Mother’s Day.

Warm regards,

D’Andre D. Lampkin
Founder & Board Chair

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