Thank You City of Ontario

Thank You City of Ontario

Thank You City of Ontario 1024 768 Stories That Build

Please join us in thanking the city of Ontario for allowing us to speak before city council Tuesday, August 15th. As Mayor Leon stated, 3 minutes was not enough time to explain all the great work you, our community of supporters, are doing. But we are still grateful for the opportunity to introduce you to some of the folks we’re helping and to be acknowledged.

When D’Andre formed this foundation, he put his faith in the collective power of ordinary supporters like you coming together to build better communities and positively impacting individuals wanting to lead happier and healthier lives. This summer, we held several events focused on supporting community based health programs and partnering with other organizations to harvest and provide fresh produce from community farms right here in Ontario.

We want to thank Mayor Paul Leon, Mayor pro Tem Alan Wapner, Council members, Jim Bowman, Debra Porada, and Ruben Valencia for their continued support. Like you, they too understand ordinary people have the power to transform and build communities.

We also want to thank Yeast N Flour Pizza for advertising our Gardening for Healthier Communities events, Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Inland Empire Soul for social media promotions, and our community of supporters who attended the August 15th meeting to show solidarity for what the Foundation is doing.

Stories That Build

Communities thrive when people like you collaborate to tackle some of the biggest issues facing our neighborhoods. None of what we have accomplished would have been possible without you. Our donors, supporters, and volunteers are the true heart of what we do.

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