You’re Building A Better Tomorrow

You’re Building A Better Tomorrow

You’re Building A Better Tomorrow 1024 683 Stories That Build

Thank you for getting the word out about last Saturday’s Gardening for Healthier Communities event. It was once again a success and we appreciate everyone who showed up to offer a helping hand. We are well on our way to building a better tomorrow.We’re also grateful for organization leaders with skills in carpentry, like “Communities of Hope“, who showed up to offer their expertise.

This week we began the work to build the structure that will house resources for “Abejas“, a year-round program rooted in Huerta Del Valle’s values of respect, justice, support, and responsibility. The structure sat un-built for almost a year. Thanks to the volunteers and donations secured by the Lampkin Foundation, the structure is now started and close to completion.

We appreciate your continued support as we link and develop projects and initiative that that lead to the development of stronger communities and positively impact individuals wanting to lead happier and healthier lives. We look forward to sharing when we’ve completed the job.

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Stories That Build

Communities thrive when people like you collaborate to tackle some of the biggest issues facing our neighborhoods. None of what we have accomplished would have been possible without you. Our donors, supporters, and volunteers are the true heart of what we do.

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